Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Rainbow Comes After The Rain

It's been rainy there days... it just reminds me that I have a rainbow bar project that has not been published. So, here it is...

Dark chocolate bar filled with rum ganache, coated and personalized with colorful candy melts.

Wanna share some personalized chocolate bar with your love one?
Feel free to text COKLATISASI at 08563737178 or YM: p33kh13 .

Have a comfy rainy day (^ ^)

Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010

Idul Adha Special

weight: 250gr
IDR 30.000 - full dark chocolate
IDR 35.000 - dark chocolate with fills
::fill selection: wafer, oreo, blueberry jam, orange jam, peanut jam::
IDR 50.000 - dark chocolate filled with rum

IDR 50.000/basket
1 Mosque
3 candy sized ketupat
2 lollichoc ketupat
1 lollichoc personalized with your greeting
::Jakarta only::
::each package will be drop by Coklatisasi-self::

grab fast for your family and friends!
send me your order before 22 August 2010
simply text to 08563737178 or YM: p33kh13

Happy fasting peeps!
be blessed (^ ^)

Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

the Double Joy Bucket

A belated birthday wish to my beautiful cousin ...and also a extra belated wedding gift :P

a cheerful woman...
a funny friend...
an adventurer cousin...
a photo freak wife :D

Happy Birthday, Sis!
Hope Mr. R will be contaminated with your traveling spirit (^ *)

All lollichocs are filled with rum, while the chocolate bar is filled with wafer and nut jam. The dark chocolate is personalized with mixed candy melt to have the right maroon tone.

I can help you make an unforgettable gift with some personalized chocolate :)
Just tell me... send a text to 08563737178 or YM: p33kh13
and I'll melt some chocolate for you.

Let's bloom this weekend with loves one (^ ^)

Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

Tie Dye

The eye-catching rainbow bar, which was send to the birthday boy at the island of goddess, left me pallet-full candy melt and we just can't leave a left over, rite?

J u i c y !

Candy melts: orange, melon, blueberry, grapes and strawberry, layered with dark chocolate.

You wanna have some chocolate that is made just for you?
Lemme make some personalized chocolate for you (^ ^)
Text me at 08563737178 or buzz my YM: p33kh13

Minggu, 25 Juli 2010

Her Silent Prayer

Grow deeper in EtERNAL LoVE, dear :)

Dark chocolate, filled with rum, and personalized with white chocolate.

Wanna get your love one a personalized chocolate?
just tell me!
you can text me at 08563737178
or buzz my YM at p33kh13.

You are BLESSED (^ *)

Senin, 12 Juli 2010

i L u

Mon Coeur

You are a looker...
You are nice to everybody...
Yet you are strong inside...
soft and warm still.

You melt my heart just the way a bar of chocolate in my mouth

i L u

Dark chocolate bar filled with rum ganache, coated with grape candy melt and personalized with blueberry candy melts

Wanna have your personalized chocolate bar?
Feel free to
text COKLATISASI at 08563737178 or YM: p33kh13 .

Have a wonderful day (^ ^)