Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

the Double Joy Bucket

A belated birthday wish to my beautiful cousin ...and also a extra belated wedding gift :P

a cheerful woman...
a funny friend...
an adventurer cousin...
a photo freak wife :D

Happy Birthday, Sis!
Hope Mr. R will be contaminated with your traveling spirit (^ *)

All lollichocs are filled with rum, while the chocolate bar is filled with wafer and nut jam. The dark chocolate is personalized with mixed candy melt to have the right maroon tone.

I can help you make an unforgettable gift with some personalized chocolate :)
Just tell me... send a text to 08563737178 or YM: p33kh13
and I'll melt some chocolate for you.

Let's bloom this weekend with loves one (^ ^)

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