Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010

Idul Adha Special

weight: 250gr
IDR 30.000 - full dark chocolate
IDR 35.000 - dark chocolate with fills
::fill selection: wafer, oreo, blueberry jam, orange jam, peanut jam::
IDR 50.000 - dark chocolate filled with rum

IDR 50.000/basket
1 Mosque
3 candy sized ketupat
2 lollichoc ketupat
1 lollichoc personalized with your greeting
::Jakarta only::
::each package will be drop by Coklatisasi-self::

grab fast for your family and friends!
send me your order before 22 August 2010
simply text to 08563737178 or YM: p33kh13

Happy fasting peeps!
be blessed (^ ^)

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